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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slaying the Dragon

My dream started off with me being in my old childhood home. Right away I knew this meant it was  going to be a nightmare or vastly weird.

 I'm in the basement.....well before I start..I just have to say my house I grew up wasn't your usual house.

 It was an old Victorian house around 100 years old. The crazy father I had thought it was best to try and fix everything at once. I should also tell you that he never finished anything he started.The floors were ripped up and never replaced, just the sub flooring remained.Windows were removed with only plywood replacing them. On the second floor, part of a wall was  knocked out leaving everyone living inside exposed to the outside elements......yes,the winters were prodigiously cold.The cold air just blew in from the outside being trapped inside the house. Leading up to this hole in the wall was a ladder-sometimes you could hear people climbing up the ladder into the house and have a walk around. Most of the interior wall were removed leaving only the exterior. The third floor all interior walls were removed and half the windows....leaving only exterior walls(once again) and plywood for windows(once again).
The basement wasn't finished-half the floor was ancient concrete and the other half was dirt. It was small,damp,dark,and just plain eerie.

Growing up .....whenever the house was in my dream it was in the same dismal shape but now it was constantly falling apart. IE- going up the stairs, they would be extremely unstable and shaky...sometimes just vanishing leaving you trapped,your feet would constantly fall through the sub-flooring.

 In my dreams now,the house is nothing like I is now a beautiful house, full of life and light(this all  changed as soon as I met my wife). However,whenever my old house appears in my usually means I need to pay attention. It is going to be a  lucid and vivid dream.

                                                      Now we can get started

   I'm in my basement but it's vastly larger than what I remember. There are a lot of rooms with open doors. There are caverns extending miles underground(think Diablo,Torchlight,or The Elder Scrolls dungeons).  The part of the basement I am in is where the washer and dryer use to be but now it is a big kitchen. There are people around conversing among themselves but I don't know who they are, not even in real life.

 I decided I had to explore these new areas. I don't know how far I made it back but I happened upon this large oak door that was closed(the first closed door I have seen in my dream). It had a little door you could slide to the side to see what was on the other side. I slid it back and saw something but couldn't make it out. I opened the door and standing right in front of me was a dragon.

 It started talking to me but I couldn't understand what was being said. Being afraid I started backing away from the dragon. As I was backing up it kept pursuing me.....I turned around and started to run. There was a person standing to the side watching everything. I'm not sure where this person came one followed me and I was exploring by myself. As I was running the person told me" It was futile to try and out run the dragon,it couldn't be done"

 Now as I was running away from the dragon, every door I cam across I closed behind me. I made it back to the kitchen before the dragon caught up to me. There was a silver cross like dagger on the kitchen table. I picked it up and tried to use it with no effect. The dragon was sorta smiling at my attempts and started talking non comprehensibly. This is when a thought entered....I had to fight it with words...

 I don't know if I was chanting or I started doing this...the silver cross like dagger just sank through the dragons skull like butter. After I stabbed it in the head 3 times, it died. Then my dream ended abruptly

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