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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slaying the Dragon

My dream started off with me being in my old childhood home. Right away I knew this meant it was  going to be a nightmare or vastly weird.

 I'm in the basement.....well before I start..I just have to say my house I grew up wasn't your usual house.

 It was an old Victorian house around 100 years old. The crazy father I had thought it was best to try and fix everything at once. I should also tell you that he never finished anything he started.The floors were ripped up and never replaced, just the sub flooring remained.Windows were removed with only plywood replacing them. On the second floor, part of a wall was  knocked out leaving everyone living inside exposed to the outside elements......yes,the winters were prodigiously cold.The cold air just blew in from the outside being trapped inside the house. Leading up to this hole in the wall was a ladder-sometimes you could hear people climbing up the ladder into the house and have a walk around. Most of the interior wall were removed leaving only the exterior. The third floor all interior walls were removed and half the windows....leaving only exterior walls(once again) and plywood for windows(once again).
The basement wasn't finished-half the floor was ancient concrete and the other half was dirt. It was small,damp,dark,and just plain eerie.

Growing up .....whenever the house was in my dream it was in the same dismal shape but now it was constantly falling apart. IE- going up the stairs, they would be extremely unstable and shaky...sometimes just vanishing leaving you trapped,your feet would constantly fall through the sub-flooring.

 In my dreams now,the house is nothing like I is now a beautiful house, full of life and light(this all  changed as soon as I met my wife). However,whenever my old house appears in my usually means I need to pay attention. It is going to be a  lucid and vivid dream.

                                                      Now we can get started

   I'm in my basement but it's vastly larger than what I remember. There are a lot of rooms with open doors. There are caverns extending miles underground(think Diablo,Torchlight,or The Elder Scrolls dungeons).  The part of the basement I am in is where the washer and dryer use to be but now it is a big kitchen. There are people around conversing among themselves but I don't know who they are, not even in real life.

 I decided I had to explore these new areas. I don't know how far I made it back but I happened upon this large oak door that was closed(the first closed door I have seen in my dream). It had a little door you could slide to the side to see what was on the other side. I slid it back and saw something but couldn't make it out. I opened the door and standing right in front of me was a dragon.

 It started talking to me but I couldn't understand what was being said. Being afraid I started backing away from the dragon. As I was backing up it kept pursuing me.....I turned around and started to run. There was a person standing to the side watching everything. I'm not sure where this person came one followed me and I was exploring by myself. As I was running the person told me" It was futile to try and out run the dragon,it couldn't be done"

 Now as I was running away from the dragon, every door I cam across I closed behind me. I made it back to the kitchen before the dragon caught up to me. There was a silver cross like dagger on the kitchen table. I picked it up and tried to use it with no effect. The dragon was sorta smiling at my attempts and started talking non comprehensibly. This is when a thought entered....I had to fight it with words...

 I don't know if I was chanting or I started doing this...the silver cross like dagger just sank through the dragons skull like butter. After I stabbed it in the head 3 times, it died. Then my dream ended abruptly

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 The other night I had a wild dream where I was constantly hungry searching for food. I was at what seemed to be a huge world fair. Hundreds and hundreds of people were everywhere, always blocking me where I wanted to go. The area I was at was full of huge circus tents with everyone going to and fro but the concessions stands were behind a tall chain link fence with armed guards guarding the entrances and exits. Every time I even started to approach the entrance they aimed their rifles at me.
 As the dream lingered on I kept getting hungrier and hungrier. I somehow stumbled upon a moving van filled with bullets holes. I got inside and hid among the boxes that were in the back and the van started moving...gaining momentum by the second eventually crashing through the fence. Once on the other side, I jumped out of the back of the van and hid among the crowds of people. For some reason they didn't even seem to care or notice all the commotion that was going on. I distanced myself as far as I could and looked back to see the armed guards searching around the van.They gave up rather quickly and went back to their post.
 The concession stands were all lined up in a row on my right and to the left there was a man on a stage.Now that I had made it to the other side,the hunger feeling left. This is when I noticed a guy preaching on stage. He was briskly walking back and forth on stage moving his arms and hands wildly in the air and shouting.Wiping the sweat from his forehead. The only thing was I really couldn't make out what he was saying and I really wanted too. I stopped to get a good look and maybe actually understand what he was saying. Sadly I never got the chance too because I woke up soon after. I'd love to have slept longer because I think it could have been quite interesting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The winter wolves.

 It's been close to 4 years now that my grandmother has passed away. We all knew it was coming but still it was like trying to hold your breath in deep cold water when I got the news.So pretty much that entire week has merged together into one dark grief-stricken week. That's why I can't remember if I had this dream the night before or the day I got the news. But I'm pretty sure I had it during a nap while I was waiting for the call.

                                      The Winter Wolves

  It's a bitterly cold winter day with snow on the ground. I'm outside standing in the side yard at my grandmothers house. Looking around at grey sky and dead trees I keep having this feeling that there is something wrong. That's when I start hearing panting,a dogs panting after a good long run. I grab a stick and climb on top of the old red Lynx station wagon. Now that I have a slightly higher view, I see that it's not dogs but a pack of wolves,white wolves. They start heading towards me and I jump down to fight them off. I know what they symbolize and it's death. I don't want them any where near near so I start swing at them. No matter how hard I try they keep coming at me and I can't manage to hit them with my stick. I just keep swinging and swinging till I'm completely wore out. I'm so tired that I can no longer hold the stick anymore and drop it. Once I stopped fighting them the wolves stopped coming after me. They just stopped....sat down and looked at me.I still didn't like them but knew they were no longer a threat.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Did he call my name ? Part 2

After the policeman made me go into my house, I stood there and waited for the bus. As I looked around I noticed that my house was even more decapitated than it ever has been before. Cobwebs,dirt,and dust was everywhere. There was even more holes in the walls...actually walls that were still standing.Because even more walls have been knocked down.The staircase looked like it was destroyed.Going upstairs wasn't even feasible.
 As I stood there with this horrible feeling of dread, I saw the old school bus come to a loud,slow,squealing stop. I had that pit in the stomach feeling I use to get every time time I was ready to board the bus for school.
 I got on the bus and sat in the back next to a window. The bus was already packed pull of prisoners.On the bus a voice came over the loud speaker informing us we were being taken to a camp where we would get the stamp of the new government.Without the mark we wouldn't have the opportunity to be employed in the slave labor camps,receive food,or medical help. If we refused the stamp we would be executed immediately.
 This part of the dream I started feeling real sick,an actual physical sickness. How could I have been so stupid ? I asked myself. Why am I turning my back on God ? The sick feeling started to grow even stronger.

 Traveling on the bus was weird. I turned around to look out the back and there was a wooden door. When I went and opened the door to see what was there,it was like a whole medical building had magically appeared. Lots of injured people from war were getting medical treatment. The injuries were anything from landmine maiming to bullet wounds.When I turned around and closed the door I was back on the normal bus. Dreams are surely a strange thing sometimes.

 It seemed forever riding on the bus but we eventually arrived in a desert. I don't know if it was out in Arizona or somehow we magically transported to the middle east.

 The camp  was massive surrounded by a chain link fence and razor wire. 1,000s and 1,000s of prisoners looking in total despair were everywhere. I couldn't read the big sign over the entrance-I have a hard time with letters and numbers in my dreams.

 We queued up and walked through the entrance gate to assimilate with the massive heard of detainees.

 This is when I started feeling extremely frightened and was trying to wake myself up.However,no matter how hard I tried I couldn't wake myself up from this nightmare.

 I was standing in line and was just in awe of how many people were there. I couldn't believe so many had turned their back on God.Everyone,except for those that got off the bus and myself were dressed in dirty white robes. The kind of clothing that is prominent in the middle east. This is how I came to conclusion earlier that we might have been magically transported to the middle east.

 The line next to me,was a group of men who were losing a ton of blood. You couldn't miss it. It was on their backside and it was from being raped. They were in line waiting to go into the huge white tent and be raped yet again.

 In other areas gays were being brutally beaten as bystanders watched apathetically. I don't condone homosexuality but I surely don't believe in the actions against them in my dreams. I find it disturbingly evil. I tried even harder to wake up after this part but to no avail.

 The execution building was a big building,maybe two stories tall. It not only looked ominous but sounded horrendous,constant loud screaming came from it. People chained together(like you see in the old prison movies) were forced into the building where they were beheaded.

 In other areas, groups of people were kneeling down crying and sobbing. Guards were using people,even those that took on the stamp as target practice.Still, others were being beaten with night sticks until their limbs broke(it sounded like twigs breaking).It felt wrong all this evil was happening under a bright blue sunny day.

 Slowly I crept closer and closer to get my stamp. My first thought was I need my medicine,there is no way I can live without it. But the closer I got the more I felt sick,the more I knew I was making a deadly mistake.

 I started to desperately look around and find my escape. I decided I would much rather die trying to escape than what awaits me if take on the new world mark.

 Out of the corner of my eye I see what looks like a hole in the fence. I make a break for it. I start running as as I can and hear the guards shout ting at me. I hear them shouting orders to halt and at the same time wailing from 1,000s of distraught prisoners.

 I make it to the back fence and slip through the hole. Now not only do I hear the guards shouting and gun shots but now I hear dogs.

 Outside  the camp it's no longer a barren desert,it's a lush green forest. I head for a creek thinking it will throw my sent and the dogs will loose my sent. I run down the creek a few hundred yards. The dogs and the shouting are becoming softer and softer.

 I cut to the right and up a small hill into a meadow. In the distance I see what looks like an old abandoned scrap yard and head towards it. When I get there, I see it's occupied by refugees . Everyone is sitting around a campfire cooking food.

 This part of the dream I am no longer worried about the guards finding me. Everything is so vivid.The sunset sky looks like it is on fire.The forest is lush and dark green.There are even purple flowers growing around the old buses and cars in the scrap yard.

 Everyone is sharing stories about the camp and their escape. An older guy admits he's the one that cut the hole in the fence so others can escape. I look at him and notice he doesn't look like the others.He looks brighter,glowing,almost as if light is emitting from him.He tells me he is very glad that I am there.He then asks me why I wanted to escape. This is when I wake up from the dream.

I didn't feel dark and empty like I did after the first part. I instead feel light and floaty. I also feel tired(like I actually did everything I dreamt) and relieved that I am back in the real world. Also I'm relieved I didn't actually let myself end up in that situation.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Did he call my name ? Continuous dream Part 1

I had this dream many years ago but I still remember it like it was last night.

  It's a warm summer's day and my friends and I are are hanging out in the front of my house.But this is no ordinary day,it's judgement day.I am excited...I've been waiting for this day a long time.
We're sitting on the steps and goofing around waiting for our name to be called.The names being called sound like it's over a PA system but you can feel it down to your bones every time a name is called.I look around and you see other people waiting too.....sitting in lawn chairs...having backyard bbqs. It seems everyone is as happy as I am.
 All my friends except for myself are starting to get bored.I don't understand how anyone can be bored on a day like this.
  My friends want to go down to the creek and eat some berries off the mulberry tree. I tell them I don't want to go. I don't want to miss my name if it's called.
  They become livid. Angirly they said the names is still in the "A's". Do you realize how many billions of people there are...we have plenty of time.....plenty they said.They kept pushing and pushing for me to follow them.
  I grew tired of their ranting.Reluctantly I followed them down to the mulberry tree. I can feel it in my soul this was a huge mistake.While walking I keep trying to nullify the bad feelings by thinking I'll just eat a couple berries and leave. Surely it can't take that long. They are only in the A's and there are 6 billion people on this earth.I can make it down there and back before the are even finished with the B's I thought.
   Once we get to the mulberry tree,the bright warm sunny summer's day has turned into an overcast chilly day.....
 Something is very wrong....I can feel it.I know I made a huge mistake, How can it be possible that a 100 yrd walk took so long ?My friends don't seem to care(a couple are actually laughing). I decided the best thing to do was leave them and head back home. They started yelling at me as I walked away but I couldn't understand what they were saying.I didn't even turn around to acknowledge I could even hear them.....I just kept walking straight home.

 When I get back home...names are longer being called over the PA system.All the people I saw beforehand when I was hanging out in front of my house are gone.Hundreds of heavily armed policemen are everywhere and they are eager to punish you.Helicopters are soaring above the neighborhood. I'm not sure what they are doing but I do know they are evil.

 A policeman walks up to me with his AR-15 pointed at me. He instructs me to go back into my house and await the bus that is coming for me.

At this point I woke up from the dream feeling incredibly sad and empty.That feeling stayed with me the whole day until I went to sleep later that night. The next dream picks up right where the first part ended,

I know this dream is short and basically uneventful but part 2 is incredibly dark,twisted,and graphic.I'll post the continuation shortly....within the next few days.

The doorstep of Heaven ?

I had another dream recently. This one, I think I was at heaven's doorstep.

 It starts out I am walking through my childhood home. However,this isn't like from dreams past. Instead of it being being dark, ominous,and falling apart all around me. It's instead immaculate. Warm light floods the house really letting the beauty of all the woodwork glow.

  I'm looking around in amazement wishing this was the house I grew up in. The feeling of happiness is soon crushed when I see Jim(my father) sitting in his chair watching t.v. He turns and looks me and I ask him "What are you doing here". A large feeling of dread envelopes me. I can feel the walls starting to cave in. I know he is not suppose to be here. I tell him that he is not supposed to be here. I decided my next course of action was to leave and I had to do it fast.

 I run outside with the thought, I'll just walk to Ninny's house my grandmother. The dream was so vivid, I could actually feel the cool summer nights breeze across my face.There was a full moon out(bigger than I have ever seen before) to light my way.The crickets were out and they were even louder than usual.
 I start running to Nins house but I'm moving so fast my body starts to leave the ground. It's to the point that I'm actually crawling because I have to hang onto the grass to keep from flying.All the while I have that awful flying/falling feeling in my stomach.I'm running and crawling at the same time down all these country roads with the huge moon lighting my way.I can see houses way off in the distance with a few that have a couple lights on.

I make it to the beginning of Nins road and that's when I start hearing wolves howling at the moon.I know what the wolves symbolize and that's death. That was their representation in an earlier dream.I will write about that later(It's still rather touchy). I know the wolves aren't a real threat but they are still scary to me in my dream. It's paramount I make it to Nins house because I really don't want to run into those wolves anytime soon and turn this intriguing dream into a nightmare.

 Instead of her road being paved, it's covered in 5 foot tall grass with 2 cleared paths-one to the right and one to the left.
As I am running to her house I decide it's best if I run in one of the cleared paths.. That way I will be able to see headlights if a car decides to come barreling down the road. I pick the one to right and make my way to Nins.

 An easy trip. I make it there in no time and the wolves stop howling. I feel safe once again.
However,all the lights are off. I check the front door and it's locked. I went to check  the garage and it was locked too. I go back to the front porch and decided I would just sleep here till morning.It's better to be here than back at my old house with Jim.

I just laid down and then Pap(my grandfather) opened the door.It was like warm sunlight came beaming out of the door. I could actually feel the warmth all over my body. He told me with a big warm smile "Come on in,you're always welcome here""It's good to see you,been a long time". Looking at him,he wasn't like I remembered. He was young  in his mid 20's and ripped.He walked off into another part of the house after letting me in.

Inside the house was beautiful. That warm sunlight type light seemed to be alive.It was everywhere and there weren't any shadows.This isn't your typical light.It even seemed to radiate from the floor and walls.

  I sat on the couch watching all the crazy action going on. There was  lots of kids playing,laughing....just having a good time. I didn't know who they were but they knew me.They were related to me somehow.Then Matt-a cousin of mine who I grew up with but was tragically killed in a car accident. He came over to say hello.... looking just as I remember him(He died young).We were playing catch up and then he chuckled patting me on my shoulder saying " I know, I know" with a smile. Then it me and I found it humerus that I was so stupid. Of Course he knows...he seen everything so far being in heaven.We both had a good laugh after that. I must have been actually laughing because I remember laughing in my sleep and almost waking up.

  I didn't see Nin but I could feel her presence in the house. I could almost her voice as she chatted over some coffee with here sisters and mom.Actually in my minds eye, I could hear her conversation but I couldn't understand what was being said.

 I noticed a couple white cats grooming themselves off in a corner when my wife's cousin appeared out of nowhere sweeping the hardwood floor.She told me"You're fine now but the next time your here bring some pajamas because you'll be here for a while".
I instantly woke up after that with my heart beating like I just ran a marathon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dream-Circa 1996

  I just found a church and had started attending regularly. It was a good church but there was a lot of immature opinions floating around. Not only that but I was about the only one at church in their early 20's. I suppose most other people are going about other "important things" but I always found time for church on Sunday morning,evening and Wednesdays.
 I was so glad that I had got back to church but something was still wrong. I hit a really low point in life and it was a struggle just to stay alive everyday. I was wrecked with guilt and my health had just started to turn for the worst.
 I had friends but still felt totally alone. The only solitude I had was at church(but was getting ruined by childish rumors floating around of other patrons) or my weekly night time drives.
 I knew,thought,hoped I was right with God but something felt a miss. Why wasn't I happy like all the other Christians I saw at church.Was I doing something wrong ? I read my Bible verses nightly,prayed for others,and even people I didn't why didn't I feel any different ?
 I had all those thoughts spinning through my head when I finally fell asleep that night.

I dreamt that two of my friends and I were up in an old dusty attic. The attic was huge.You could see the old wood beams making the roof..all black from years of dust and dirt build up. Lots of dust was floating in the air around the two light bulbs hanging down from the ceiling by a cord.
Tons of old cardboard boxes were stacked up everywhere.When you touched them, a century's worth of dust went into the air. There were old Victorian gowns hanging on an old clothes rack with another one on a manikin.
  My friends asked me what I was looking for. I told them I didn't know but I'll know when I find it.They and I were opening up boxes left and right,causing even more dust to float around in the air.
  I remember looking up and seeing the dim lit looked as though it was snowing. A feeling starting to build inside me. I knew something big was going to happen and it was going to happen very soon. I could feel the energy building,it was extremely exciting. So I frantically started to open as many boxes as I could and as fast as could......I just had the feeling that I couldn't look fast enough.
 Again they asked me "what I was looking for ?" and I told them just keep looking,I'll know when I find it.
I moved away from and into a hallway of boxes.The boxes were stacked to the left and right with a full length dust covered mirror(you couldn't see your reflection) at the end and a trunk to the left of it.
   I knelt down to open the chest. As soon as I lifted the lid(I can't remember what was inside but there was something in there)..I felt a very warm hand touch my shoulder.The warmth immediately consumed my whole body. It felt as though I was soaking up rays on a hot summer day.I turned around to see who it was....immediately I knew who it was. It was Jesus. I couldn't see a face or anything of that nature.The only way I can describe it,is if somehow sunlight could take on a form of a body. The light was extremely bright,but not blinding....yet you could stare into it forever.
 That's when Jesus spoke. He told me"Please be still,all is calm now".
Immediately I woke up from the dream. I was drenched with sweat and my body was trembling all over. I remember just staring into the night...unable to even blink although my body felt light as a feather.
 That's when I came to realize that he was with me. I didn't have to partake or even listen to rumors nor let it get to me. That I should pray for those that consider Sunday as the day to show off your new designer clothes and belittle those who can't afford expensive things.Church is not only to learn about Christ but also to be in company with other like minded Christians as myself.